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We are educators with decades of experience convening diverse individuals and communities in dialogue and collaboration supporting religious diversity. We help leaders understand religious differences and provide training on supporting and accommodating those differences.

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Rebranded Hartford Seminary to Help Businesses Include Religion in Workplace Diversity Discussion

Holidays in the Workplace

Webinar Series

Are you ready for 2022’s major religious and cultural holidays?
Prepare yourself by learning about some of them … before they arrive.

Help create an inclusive environment of safety and belonging for your teams. Visit this link to learn more and register.

Training Offered


Our corporate workshops are tailored to your needs. We offer training, tools, and frameworks for building inclusive cultures that recognize religion as an essential element of diversity. Attract and retain top talent by creating an environment where individuals bring their multiple identities—including their spirituality, faith, beliefs, and practices—to work.

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Healthcare professionals navigate cultural and religious diversity daily. We can help healthcare providers explore religion-related issues necessary to best provide effective care for the patient populations served.

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Typically, the student body, staff, and faculty of institutions of secondary and higher education are religiously diverse. Our workshops help students, faculty, and staff understand and appreciate the implications of religious diversity on campus.

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Religious Organizations

Our workshops enable religious leaders to help their faith communities forge ties, deepen understanding and work together for peace and justice across religious difference.

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