Holidays in the Workplace

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Holidays in the Workplace

Webinar Series

Are you ready for 2022’s major religious and cultural holidays?
Prepare yourself by learning about some of them … before they arrive.

Help create an inclusive environment of safety and belonging for your teams.


  • Webinar series with interactive sessions presented by two HIU faculty/trainers

  • Wednesdays 10-10:50 a.m. EDT

  • Cost – $45 per session / Discount for groups


March 30 | Islam: The Two Eids in Context

Resource Sheet


June 15 | African American and Black Heritage: The What, Who, and Why of Juneteenth and Kwanzaa

Resource Sheet


September 14 | Judaism’s High Holy Days, plus a Passover Primer 

Many know of the Jewish High Holy Days (a.k.a. “the holidays”) but how much do you really know about their deeply spiritual meanings and practices? What is important to know about Jewish observance and accommodations during the calendar year? What are the various holy day greetings you might offer? Two Jewish scholars address these questions so you can be prepared for the high holy days beginning the evening of September 25th.

December 7 | When is Christmas? “The Holidays” for Christians

Christmas in January? Indeed, for some Christians! And for some, other feast days at that time year are at least as important! Why and how do various branches of Christianity observe Christmas differently? What does this mean for holiday greetings? Christmas parties? How might you rethink “the holidays,” bringing innovation and inclusion to your workplace? Two prominent Christian scholars lead this session and open dialogue about the Christian “holidays.”

For more information, please contact Katy Oleary at or call 860-509-9528.

Looking ahead to 2023:

March 15 – Baha’i

The Bahá’í festival of Ridván is just around the corner. There are three holy days on which people of the Bahá’í faith may wish to refrain from work.  With approximately 6 million followers around the world, it is very likely there are Bahá’ís in your workplace.  Join us to learn about this global religion whose central teaching is the oneness of humankind.

June 14 – Hinduism

Hinduism ranks as the 4th largest religion in the United States and has probably already come to your attention through growing awareness of Diwali.  But how much do you know about Hinduism, which its followers prefer to call sanatana dharma?  Join us to walk into the fascinating landscape of one of the oldest religions of the world, including their beliefs, holiday practices, and what you need to know to accommodate Hindus in your workplace.

September 13 – Wicca and Paganism

Coming up next month is one of the most important and well-known Wiccan festivals.  It is commonly known as Halloween and can also be called Samhain or All Hallows Eve.  What is Wicca and how does it relate to paganism?  How can we recognize and accommodate Wiccans in our workplace?  With approximately 300,000 Wiccans in the U.S., come to this session to learn about this fast-growing religion from genuine practitioners.

 December 6 – Buddhism

The popularity of Buddhism in the West has made mindfulness and meditation common terms and practices.  But what is the framework out of which these practices grew?  Come to this session to learn about the teachings of the Buddha from genuine practitioners.  You will also learn what you need to know about Buddhist holidays and for Buddhists to feel welcome in your workplace.

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For more information, please contact Katy Oleary at or call 860-509-9528.

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