Jean Amos Lys

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Jean Amos Lys
Black Ministries Program Instructor


M.A. (Hartford Seminary)
M.S. (Central Connecticut State University)


Rev. Lys is a postcolonial theologian whose areas of interest are: Haitian and Caribbean theology, Postcolonial biblical interpretations in the Haitian and Haitian American context, the impact of biblical interpretations on the assimilation of immigrants into the American culture, conflicts between first and second-generation immigrants, and the Impacts of spirituality on mental health. Rev. Lys is a license psychotherapist with expertise in domestic/family violence, family conflict, relationships, and men’s issues. He has experience and training treating anxiety, depression, grief, issues related to self-esteem, stress management, marriage/pre-marital, parenting, and mediation. he has worked in the mental health field and ministry for 7 years focusing on the black church, the black family and the stability of people of color’s Mental Health in the context of faith-based trauma. He provides both faith based and secular counseling. He believe in using the science or/and the sacred for healing.