Book Launch - With the Best of Intentions: Interreligious Missteps and Mistakes

November 1, 2023
from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

This event introduces With the Best of Intentions: Interreligious Missteps and Mistakes (Orbis 2023), edited by Lucinda Mosher (director of the MA in Interreligious Studies at HIU), Ellie Pierce (research director for the Pluralism Project at Harvard University), and Rabbi Or Rose (founding director of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning and Leadership at Hebrew College, Newton, MA).

This new book is a collection of stories by thirty-four scholars and activists of slip-ups and outright failures of interfaith encounters—situations in which practice did not quite match theory! Dr. Mosher and several of the contributing authors will share highlights of the book's contents as they discuss the process by which it was crafted and the uses to which they hope it will be put.

The event will be in person and livestreamed on Facebook at this link

Panelists include:
Dr. Lucinda Mosher
Rev. Dr. David D. Grafton
Dr. Bilal Ansari
Chaplain Aida Mansoor
Dr. Preeta Banerjee '22


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