Accessibility Services

Students with disabilities who wish to receive accommodations must contact the Office of Student Services (OSS). Students with disabilities are eligible for accessibility services when they are enrolled in courses and they have disclosed their disability, documenting it if deemed necessary by OSS, and requested related accommodations during enrollment and/or before the start of each semester.

The Office of Student Services will go through the following steps to ascertain if accommodations are to be made:

  1. Verify medical documentation for each stated disability;
  2. Ascertain potential accommodation(s) for the related disability;
  3. Determine accommodation(s) for student for the semester in which the student is enrolled;
  4. Consider contracting with outside agencies to provide accommodation; and
  5. Provide professor with written explanation of the accommodation.

Please use the following forms when requesting accessibility accommodations.

It is Hartford International University policy to provide reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis, which may mean working with outside social and governmental agencies to provide the necessary range of services for student success. The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures equal access to qualified individuals with disabilities and prevents discrimination on the basis of a disability.

For any questions on accessibility services, please contact the Office of Student Services.

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