Center for Transformative Spirituality


In the face of the problems ravaging our Earth and polarizing Earth’s humans…

  • What kinds of human capacities do we need to cultivate toward effective leadership?
  • What kinds of spiritual practices will foster these capacities?
  • What kinds of community will allow humans and other species to negotiate the Great Turning to truly sustainable and flourishing forms of life together?

The Center for Transformative Spirituality

  • Collaborates with others (especially those marginalized from social power and/or indigenous to the place, human and beyond) to create experiences of and practices fostering Earth/place as shared holy ground for those of all faiths or no faith in place-based relational mutuality, justice, humility/reverence, and interspecies pluralism across all kinds of alienations, toward the fullest possible common good: the life of the world
  • Partners with the Spiritual Life Center to offer programs of spiritual companionship and discernment to HIU students and to co-sponsor events throughout the year
  • Creates its own events highlighting eco-spirituality; contemplative arts and art-making; personal and communal maturity, resilience, and courage in the face of daunting ecological crises; diverse forms of spiritual expression for those within and beyond the HIU community
  • Fosters HIU conversations, practices, and possible new degree or non-degree programs around listening to and long-term peace-building with non-human creatures and creation itself, inseparably from HIU’s commitment to peace-building across all human divisions

Ongoing Opportunities

Eco-Spirituality Graduate Certificate

This certificate provides a concentrated immersion that will take you into the broadest questions of science, climate, and global justice and into the beauty, relationality, mystery, and interspecies complexity of your particular bioregion and place on this Earth. 

Ecological Programs and Initiatives

We offer many options for those who want to center their interreligious studies in love of Earth, including ecologically oriented pathways through HIU's degree programs.

Robertson Spirituality Series

It is the goal of the Robertson Spirituality Series to provide provocative and nourishing presentations to seekers from all backgrounds. We hope to provide speakers who come from all faiths and no faith, who will address spirituality’s intersection with:

  • environmental justice, eco-spirituality, and racial concerns
  • the rich tradition of mystical and contemplative devotion throughout world history
  • “thin places”
  • concerns of health, beauty, harmony, and mortality.
Self Guided Meditation at the Labyrinth

Behind the Center’s building at 76 Sherman Street in Hartford is a labyrinth that is open to the public from sunrise to sunset.

Upcoming Events


Center for Wild Spirituality

The Center for Wild Spirituality is a hub for the emerging wild church / wild seminary / wild spirituality movement.

=Center for Wild Spirituality

For more information contact Dr. Lisa Dahill at

Lisa Dahill headshot

Lisa E. Dahill

Miriam Therese Winter Chair for Transformative Leadership and Spirituality, Director of the Center for Transformative Spirituality

The Rev. Dr. Lisa E. Dahill is Miriam Therese Winter Professor of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality and Director of the Center for Transformative Spirituality at HIU.  

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Spiritual Life Center

The Spiritual Life Center, in collaboration with the Center for Transformative Spirituality at Hartford International University, offers programs and services that help people explore meaning, discern the choices they face, and choose ways to put their faith or spirituality into action for justice and peace.

=Center for Transformative Spirituality - Spiritual Life Center

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