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At Hartford International University, you’ll join an interfaith peer group and expert faculty who broaden your perspective and teach you to embrace complexity through sharing, caring, and learning from one another in a safe and welcoming space.

MA in Interreligious Studies

Our MA in Interreligious Studies program immerses you in the lived reality of religions and the relationships between different faiths while deepening your knowledge of your own. You're able to specialize in Islamic Studies or Ministerial Studies or complete the general degree program.

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MA in Chaplaincy

Our MA in Chaplaincy program integrates psychology and sociology within a theological education that emphasizes foundational knowledge of all faiths to prepare chaplains who excel in many settings – from hospitals and prisons to universities, the military, and in the community.

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Dual Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies and Chaplaincy

Our dual degree program in Interreligious Studies and Chaplaincy is designed for students planning on a chaplaincy career for which a unified 72-credit program is a necessity—the federal prison system, Veteran’s Administration hospitals, and the U.S. military.

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MA in International Peacebuilding

Our MA in Peacebuilding teaches interreligious peace studies and uses experiential learning to examine conflict and build relationships across lines of difference through case studies, role-play of real-world examples, engaging with the Hartford community, and more.

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Ph.D. (Interreligious Studies)

Our Ph.D. program provides advanced study of relations between religious traditions, and in Abrahamic religious studies more specifically. Our graduates have extensive research experience and the skills to teach in religious communities and academia.

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Interreligious Studies Graduate Certificate

Our graduate certificate lets you try out taking our graduate-level interreligious coursework. You’ll have the option of learning about the subject for a certificate or you can choose to complete the entire MA in Interreligious Studies.

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Eco-Spirituality Graduate Certificate

This certificate provides a concentrated immersion into the ecological questions facing our species today.  Over four courses, you will explore a range of religious, spiritual, scientific, and relational perspectives that can ground work in Ecological Chaplaincy, place-based non-profits, outdoor spiritual practices, activism, and scholarship.  

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Additional Degree Pathways

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Cooperative Master of Divinity

Cooperative M.Div. students take full advantage of Hartford’s one-of-a-kind setting where students from all over the world study, pray, and prepare for public ministry together.

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Islamic Chaplaincy Pathway

Since 2001, Hartford International’s renowned Islamic Chaplaincy Program has produced professionals who are now leaders in the field of chaplaincy. These chaplains serve in diverse settings in federal prisons, armed services, in private and public hospitals, in higher education, and in community settings.

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Key Elements of Experiential Learning: What It Is and How It Happens

Anywhere can be a classroom for experiential educators like HIU’s Director of MA in International Peacebuilding Phoebe Milliken, who once taught a class in a gas station. Learn more about her key elements for effective experiential learning programs.

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Representing the Spirit of Inclusivity: The 4th Campus of Hartford International University

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