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This list represents our catalogue of classes for the next two years. To see our current course offerings click here. If you are not enrolled in a degree program but wish to register for a course, click here.

Course Numbering System

500      Introductory Courses: These courses serve to introduce students to a particular field of study; they assume no prior knowledge of the field.

600      Intermediate Courses: These courses explore a specific area of inquiry; they assume a basic knowledge of the larger field.

700      Advanced Courses: These courses examine an advanced and specific topic; they assume prior study in the field and require pre-requisite skills or knowledge.

800      Advanced Professional: These courses are designed to provide DMin students specific leadership skills and experiences, and they are only open to DMin students.

900      Advanced Academic: These courses are designed as part of the academic training provided to PhD students, and they are open only to PhD candidates.

Arts of Ministry (AM)

Chaplaincy (CH)

Dialogue (DI)

Doctor of Ministry (DM)

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

Ethics (ET)

Graduate Certificate (GC)

History (HI)

Language (LG)

Peacebuilding (IP)

Religion and Society (RS)

Scripture (SC)

Theology (TH)

Worship and Spirituality (WS)

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