A Heart for All

How We Come Together Sets Us Apart 

At Hartford International University, our interfaith environment is grounded in empathy, respect, and love for people of different faiths and sensitivity toward their perspectives and traditions. In today’s diverse world, we need to listen to our neighbors, coworkers, and friends who hold different beliefs than us with open ears, hearts, and minds.

We show the world a different vision of religion – creating peace by stepping beyond conflict to find value in and respect for people and our differences. In doing so, we show our commitment to the entire human family above the things that divide us.

Our understanding of faith – in study and practice – is devoted to a bigger mission in the world, one that is driven by the relationship between religion and peace.

Zacharoff portrait

A Heart for Communities

One of many HIU students serving multi-faith communities is Rabbinical student and Hartford International Conflict Resolution Fellow Allyson Zacharoff, who provided logistical support for Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, a coalition of faith and secular groups committed to helping refugees.

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A Heart for Service

Rev. Dr. Chris Antal, D.Min. ’17 is working on research to aid veteran recovery and reduce distress and improve functioning in those with histories of morally injurious experiences from military service. His project included a ceremony for participants to share their stories.

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Phoebe Milliken

A Heart for Friendship

Professor Phoebe Milliken explains that she had certain prejudices from childhood that came from depictions of Iranian clerics on the news. This all changed when she shared a moment – and a laugh – with visiting Iranian clerics at an HIU event for interfaith engagement.

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A Heart for Exploration

In their quest for knowledge, our students travel the world and learn from international religious scholars like John Philip Newell, one of the most prominent Christian teachers of spirituality in the Western world and his School of Celtic Consciousness in Scotland.

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Katy O'Leary in outside class

A Heart for Inclusion

Katy O’Leary, Director of Engagement, shares that developing an interreligious mindset is important for business leaders working to create more inclusive environments by understanding religious differences and how to accommodate them.

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