Hartford Seminary is now Hartford International University for Religion and Peace.

As a pioneering, interreligious, international university, Hartford International has helped thousands of people find peace within, and many thousands more find peace with each other. At HIU, we engage in robust religious studies and meaningful interfaith dialogue to deepen our beliefs, respect our differences, and help bring peace to the world.

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Academic Programs

Pioneering an interreligious environment like no other – we help thousands of people deepen their faith & lead countless more out of conflict.

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Continuing and Professional Education

Learning opportunities for thriving in a religiously complex world.

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Religion Research

From our faculty to our students, Hartford International is home to and fosters world-renowned scholars who are engaged in religion research – exploring answers to questions of faith in the world today.

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Global and Community Partnerships

Global & Community Partnerships

Our students work with religious scholars across the globe – from consortiums with the world’s top academic institutions to local and international communities.

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News & Events

General HIU News

President Joel N. Lohr Announces Plan to Step Down

May 13, 2024

Joel N. Lohr, an awarding-winning author, scholar of religion, and transformative leader in higher education, announced today that he will step down from his position as the 11th President of Hartford International University for Religion and Peace on July 30, 2025.

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Jul 12

6:00 pm

Sacred Earth Sacred Soul - Celtic Wisdom 3
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A Heart for All

Our approach to theological study is about building connections and experiencing our differences – nourishing love for the entire human family, no matter where you come from or what faith you hold closest in your heart.

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From the Blog

DEI Can Work…Here’s How

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Independently, these words embody strong principles that many DEI programs strive to achieve. Collectively, diversity, equity, and inclusion represent the good that many of us want to see in the world.

The post DEI Can Work…Here’s How first appeared on Religion & Peace.

Chaplaincy students in a group discussion to foster intercultural understanding

From the Blog

How Chaplains Address Issues of Cultural Appropriation

At HIU, fostering intercultural understanding is central to our mission. As our chaplaincy students train to serve diverse faith communities, we teach them to recognize, avoid and address issues of cultural appropriation. 

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Hartford International University

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Coping with Crisis at an Institution for Religion and Peace

The stock in trade of Hartford International University for Religion and Peace, formerly Hartford Seminary, is interreligious dialogue and peacebuilding. “Peace” is right in the new name we adopted in 2021 to better align with...

The post Coping with Crisis at an Institution for Religion and Peace first appeared on Religion & Peace.

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