Indonesian Scholar Reflection: Expanding Knowledge, Deepening Religious Faith, Understanding Differences

November 8, 2023

Melati Ismaila 

Conducting my final research project in Hartford is both an honor and a joy. Reading one of the titles on the Hartford International University (HIU) website, I agree with the statement: 'Understanding Faith in a New Context.' Discussing with Dr. Colleen Keyes as my thesis advisor and discovering new references in the library greatly assisted me in realizing my final research task. Not only that, HIU provides the experience of 'Exploring Differences, Deepening Faith' through an academically diverse environment. We experienced this through seminar activities, community prayer, and daily life with students from various countries and backgrounds. This valuable experience gave us an understanding of diversity before we returned to Indonesia as a majority Muslim and also Muslim scholars.

Thank you, Melati!

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