Indonesian Scholar Reflection: HIU Is Not an Ordinary Campus

February 20, 2024

By Muhammad Labib Syauqi

Indonesian Scholar Muhammad

Hartford International University (HIU) is not just an ordinary campus; it is a common home that nurtures all people with their beliefs and convictions. The door is made of the spirit of tolerance and respect so that it is open to anyone who wants to enter it. The roof is made of humanity and peace that is always upheld to nurture others. The walls are made of mutual trust that safeguards everyone from various bullets of division and strife.

Its cold weather extinguishes the flames of discord and hostility, its breeze cools the heart and mind, its cool air refreshes the memory and consciousness, and its fresh and beautiful environment gives warmth and comfort to its inhabitants.

The inhabitants are beings who always try to turn off their egos and suspicions of others, always opening their arms to give hugs to anyone who comes, always giving a smile to wipe away every cry and sadness. Extending a hand to anyone who slips in the road to be invited to walk together towards the goal.

Hartford, you are made of longing, smiles, and warmth.


Thank you, Muhammad! 


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