Journal of Interreligious Studies Releases New Issue

June 16, 2022

The Journal of Interreligious Studies, published collaboratively online by Hebrew College, Boston University School of Theology, and HIU, is pleased to announce the release of Issue No. 36 (2022): Interfaith and Interreligious Pedagogies: Assessment and Responses to Classroom Strategies. 

As editor-in-chief Axel Marc Oaks Takács makes clear in his opening essay, the centerpiece of this issue is “Interfaith and Interreligious Pedagogies: An Assessment,” an essay in which Katherine Janiec Jones (Wofford College) and Cassie Meyer (University of the South) present the findings of their extensive research.

Essays from nine scholars follow, each offering a constructive or critical response to the lead article. Among them is “Asynchronous Online Instruction at the Intersection of Chaplain Formation and Interreligious Studies,” by Dr. Lucinda Mosher, HIU’s faculty associate in Interreligious Studies and chaplaincy and the journal’s senior editor. T

The issue closes with four book reviews, one of which was authored by Chaplain Aida Mansoor, HIU’s director of field education. The JIRS is grateful to Interfaith America for helping to make this issue possible, and is confident that it will prove to be a valuable resource. Do take a look: https://irstudies.org/index.php/jirs/issue/view/49

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