MAP Alum Yazeed Kamaldien to Participate in Odyssey Fellowship

August 1, 2022
MAP student

MAP alum Yazeed Kamaldien has been selected to participate in the year-long Odyssey Fellowship, which will start with its first session at Rose Castle in England in August. The program seeks to support and train the fellows as emerging faith leaders working in communities “to engage difficult civic issues and provide resources for seminaries to meet the growing needs of contextual education. Engaging the immersive power of documentary film, Fellows convene brave and healing conversations across lines of difference within their community, resulting in faithful actions inspired by their leadership.”

For his fellowship project, he intends to implement his MAP capstone proposal titled Race, Religion and Reconciliation Dialogues in Cape Town. Yazeed says of his project, “ it looks at post-apartheid South Africa’s challenges in my home city Cape Town. It proposes to be a multi-racial interfaith dialogue series bringing together diverse young faith leaders to start looking at how our country can work through the many years of race-related conflict to bring people to reconciliation, despite ongoing challenges of racism.”

He considers the synergy between the MAP, the Odyssey Fellowship, and his work in documentary film to be amazing. “I've been looking for a dialogue method that would be a good fit for my project and I think this will be good. Using film is a great way to start conversations,” he said. “Also that the Odyssey Impact organization has basically developed a whole eco-system of dialogue processes, trauma-informed research and various resources is really going to come in handy. I'm looking forward to it.”

Congratulations, Yazeed!


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