MAP Student Lyka Mtambo to Speak at International Conferences

May 9, 2023
Lyka Mtambo MAP Student


MA in International Peacebuilding student Lyka Mtambo, who has a passion for women’s rights, interfaith work, and children's rights, will be presenting at these major conferences in the following months: “Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue: Working together for our Common Future” in Morocco; at the “Women Deliver 2023 (WD2023) Conference” in Rwanda; and the “Parliament of the World Religions” in Chicago on the theme “A call to Conscience: Defending Freedom and Human Rights.” 

Her interest in interfaith work started when Lyka attended the Africa Interfaith Youth Assembly in Kampala, Uganda. There, her approach to public affairs changed completely. “ I was amazed at the potential that interfaith collaborations have in addressing our common problems in our societies,” she said. 

Lyka went to the assembly as a representative of the Public Affairs Committee of Malawi, her home country, which  “promotes the rule of law and human rights; it brings communities together across religious, ethnic, and cultural divides,” she said. At this assembly, she was elected to serve on the International Youth Committee of Religions for Peace based in New York.

“I discovered that interfaith work aligns with my personal aspirations, and I have not looked back,” she said. 

In the fall of last year, Lyka came to us to get an interreligious education in our MA in International Peacebuilding program. 

Her aspirations involve addressing societal ills against women and children in Malawi. 

“Children are neglected, trafficked, not well fed, not well clothed, not protected; they live and grow up in violent families. Not a day goes by that you will not hear of a case of defilement of a child or physical abuse,” she said.

Recently, she has been appointed commissioner to the newly established Children’s Commissions Board in Malawi.

 “I feel challenged and excited at the same time. This is a new board,” she said. “We have never had a children’s commissions board in Malawi. It is great to be part of its establishment and contribute to its growth.”

As a woman, Lyka believes in empowering others as she has empowered herself.

“Violence against women in Malawi is widespread and rising,” she said, “According to the National Statistical Office of Malawi, 42 percent of Malawian women have ever faced gender-based violence in their life.”

About the conferences, Lyka says, “The knowledge gained from the MAP program will enable me to articulate issues from a well-informed point of view.”

Good luck, Lyka!



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