MAP Student Speaks at the United Nations on Social Justice for Lebanese Youth

April 22, 2024

In 2020, MA in International Peacebuilding student Amar Al Moussawy received support from the Youth Advisory Board leaders in the United Nations Development Program. In August 2023, she was accepted as a board member, developing leadership skills. This year, she spoke at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) forum at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on "Social Justice for Lebanese Youth in Times of Crisis: The Vision vs. the Reality and Possible Alternatives for Better Inclusion." 

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) provides a global platform for dialogue among Member States and young leaders from around the world on solutions to challenges affecting youth wellbeing.

“I feel honored to represent my beloved country Lebanon, and I feel that the responsibility over my shoulders is more now to make sure that my country's youth are having better resources for education and work through the programs that I'm part of their leadership,” Amar said. 

Amar is a dedicated community activist who empowers young people and assists children in uncovering their talents. As an artist, she leverages her creative abilities to address social issues. Additionally, she actively contributes to interfaith dialogue and fosters better human communication. 

Amar’s incessant dedication to giving to her community has led her to this major life milestone. As a choir member in Lebanon, she participated in a peacebuilding program, uniting individuals from different backgrounds through the power of music. Additionally, Amar has actively engaged in social work NGOs, particularly the Adyan Foundation, where she previously served as the youth coordinator, promoting interfaith dialogue and empathy. As a scout leader, Amar guided children of various religions and sects, fostering friendship and mutual respect. 

Her passion for peace also led her to participate in the iDove Interfaith Dialogue, discussing strategies to prevent violent extremism with experts from over 30 countries, enriching her understanding. 

Listen to Amar’s speech here.

Find more information about the forum in this link.

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