Ph.D. Alum Ramy Marcos Adapts Dissertation into a Book

February 15, 2024

Dr. Ramy Marcos, Ph.D. '23, has published his dissertation as a book titled “The Emergence of the Evangelical Egyptians: A Historical Study of the Evangelical-Coptic Encounter and Conversion in Late Ottoman Egypt, 1854-1878.”

The book is described as follows: 

The Emergence of the Evangelical Egyptians traces the complex cultural encounter between American Presbyterian missionaries and the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox leaders over indigenous Protestant conversion in late Ottoman Egypt, 1854-1878. This examination uses various Arabic, English, and French sources to uncover the complexities behind the narratives from that time, thereby enriching the previous approach to the history, and later studies regarding Protestant conversion, and the clash of American and Arab civilizations over religious freedom. This fresh perspective will expand the story to include indigenous voices and cultural understandings.

About the Author:
Ramy Marcos

Dr. Ramy Marcos, a distinguished scholar and minister, has a diverse educational background and extensive expertise. He completed his undergraduate studies in philosophy at Cairo University before pursuing theology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary. And in 2023, Dr. Marcos earned his Ph.D. in Interreligious Studies from Hartford International University. In addition, he has expertise in ancient and classical languages, including Arabic, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Syriac, allowing him to delve into the texts and traditions of ancient theological writings. His journey encompasses scholarly publications and pastoral service. 


Congratulations, Ramy!

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