Thesis by Chaplain Sohaib Sultan '10 Becomes a Book

February 23, 2023
Sohaib's Sultan Book

Chaplain Sohaib Sultan '10 completed his Master's in Islamic Chaplaincy with a thesis titled Preaching with Purpose: Writing and Delivering Great Sermons. After Sohaib's passing due to cancer in 2021, author Martin Nguyen revised and extended Sohaib's thesis and wrote An American Muslim Guide to the Art and Life of Preaching. 

A trailblazer in chaplaincy, Sohaib Sultan was a prominent figure in the U.S. Muslim community. He was also an author and public speaker who frequently delivered speeches on Islam, interfaith relations, and spiritual development.

Sohaib was the first full-time Muslim Chaplain at Princeton University. While at Princeton, Sohaib said his work focused on "the intersection between the life of the mind and life of the spirit."

Martin Nguyen writes on Muslim theology, the Qur'an and its interpretation, the intersection of race and religion, and Islamic spirituality. His book An American Muslim Guide to the Art and Life of Preaching coveys Sohaib's practical skills in religious leadership, vision, and holistic approach to preaching. 

Besides the art and craft of creating effective Islamic sermons and how to deliver them, the book addresses the life of the preacher and provides a model of spiritual formation for those serving Muslim communities of faith in positions of religious leadership, as well as the aesthetics and arrangement of the preaching space.

Many of the insights in the book could easily apply to preaching in Christian or other settings.

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