Graduation Application

Graduation Application

As you plan and complete your program of study, work with your academic advisor, the Dean, and the Registrar to ensure that all requirements are met and deadlines are anticipated.  Failure to meet the deadlines below could result in a delay in the conferral of your degree.

All potential graduates MUST complete the Graduation Application form below.

Important Dates/Deadlines

November 15 Graduation Application due for students seeking December conferral
November 30 All grades for students seeking a December conferral due to Registrar.
March 15 Last day for MA students to submit a complete draft of final requirement to advisor
March 15 Graduation Application due for students seeking May conferral
March-April Final requirement exams scheduled and implemented. If you need a second reader for a final requirement exam, please contact the Dean’s office.
April 30 Grades due to Registrar for all graduating students (Doctoral/MA/GC) . All course work must be completed before this date. Please talk to your instructors to determine exact dates.
December Conferral

Students that wish to graduate early, or had to delay their graduation from the previous May, are eligible for a December conferral of their degree or certificate provided all final grades are submitted to the Registrar's office by November 30th.

Student Information
*Please enter your full name as you wish it to appear on your diploma/certificate and as it will appear in the graduation program.
Degree Information
*This project/thesis title will be printed in the graduation program. Please complete this field with care for your title's printed punctuation and capitalization, etc.  Type "N/A" if your program does not require a thesis or final project.
Robe Ordering Information
*Please enter height in feet and inches (i.e., 5' 7")
*For those planning to attend the spring ceremony. 
Post Graduation Contact Information
*Please provide us with the best personal email, mailing address, and phone number to reach you after graduation.  We will use this address for the delivery of your diploma/certificate.
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