Transcript Request

There is a $10.00 fee for each official transcript. Transcript requests will not be processed until payment is received.

There are two ways to request an official copy of your transcript:

  • Complete the online Transcript Request Form (preferred).  (if your academic record is not found in the database you will need to submit a paper form.)
  • Submit a completed paper  Transcript Request Form via the mail. Printed copies of the transcript request form must be signed by the student. 

Telephone and e-mail requests will not be accepted.

Upon receipt of the request, official transcripts are normally processed within three business days. Processing of your official transcript request may vary due to circumstances beyond our control. The Registrar’s Office makes every effort to speed these important documents to your intended recipients.

Emailing of Official Transcripts: You may request an official copy of your transcript be sent via email by indicating the email delivery option on the electronic form, or providing an email address in the recipient field of the paper form. Older transcripts may not be eligible for email delivery. If email delivery is not possible for your transcript the Registrar’s office will notify you.

Name Changes: To change the name on your academic record, you must present to the Registrar’s Office copies of the legal documents which indicate the name change (driver’s license, marriage or divorce certificate).

Please Note: It is the policy of HIU not to release a transcript to individuals who are indebted to the university.  If a transcript request is denied for any reason a notification will be sent.

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