Beyond Candles: Public Rituals (CH-628)

Course Details:

This course explores the role of chaplains and other religious leaders in populist ritual. It shows the delightful public necessity of interfaith life and living. It also examines what will be needed going forward in a post-secular world where more crises can be anticipated. Hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters will also be discussed as well as the occasional joyful gathering when a good thing happens. This course appreciates, analyzes, and prepares people for a more sophisticated understanding of the kind of religion the public wants and creates for itself. It is for chaplains, religious professionals and public ritual makers or democratic citizens themselves.  You will leave a more experienced maker of rituals, one that uses ancient as well as contemporary methods.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:

MAC- Chaplaincy Elective
MAIRS - Interreligious Studies: Elective
MAIRS - Ministerial Studies: Arts of Ministry


Course Downloads:

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