Academic Programs (Interreligious Peace Studies)

=Giving signs of peace

Making a difference in a changing world

Hartford International University Interreligious and Peace Studies programs are devoted to deepening humanity’s understanding of different faiths and how we can thrive together. Combining proven methods for embracing differences and dealing with conflict with our interfaith approach to theological education, HIU students graduate with the knowledge and ability to make a real impact in today’s diverse world.

Degree Programs

Our graduate degree programs are the training ground for interreligious peacebuilders and changemakers across the globe.

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Leadership Certificates

Our leadership certificates are designed for current clergy and leaders looking to strengthen their faith, spirituality, and engage more effectively in the ministries of their churches, faith groups, and local communities.

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Student Experience

From the issues covered in classes, the dialogue between peers, and the speakers who share their experiences, Hartford is where we engage our hearts and minds.

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Online Learning

Hartford International University offers flexible online courses to fit your schedule whether you live across the globe or are looking to take courses as a working professional.

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Admissions & Aid

Whether you’re seeking an academic or professional degree, personal spiritual growth, or leadership development and practical skills, our Admissions Team is here to guide you through your application process.

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Academic Catalog

Explore the Hartford International academic catalogue for more information about our mission, faculty, accreditation, and more.

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Course Explorer

Our course explorer will let you browse the classes that are available to HIU students across programs.

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