Death and Dying (CH-621)

Course Details:

Death is a constant presence in human life. The chaplain’s role, whatever the context, will inevitably include care of the ill and the dying, their families, and those who are grieving loss.  This course will cover religious and traditional rituals, beliefs, and practices around death and grief in various religious and secular contexts.  Further, students will consider theological or personal perspectives, experience, and intentions around spiritual care in these moments, and what healing means in these contexts.  We do not expect this class to be morbid, but enlightening, unifying, and even fun in its shared meaning and experience.

*Students will be expected to engage in learning activities ahead of the first class meeting in preparation for this intensive course.

Revised: Su24

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAC - Chaplaincy Elective
MAC - Islamic Studies Pathway Elective
Practical Training - Field Education


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