The Higher Objectives of Islamic Law (ET-643)

Course Details:

All human beings seek their own welfare and benefit, but what sorts of benefit and gain are really of value in the long run and therefore legitimate to pursue? This course provides the opportunity to step back to see the bigger picture of Islamic rules and regulations, the universal principles or higher objectives (maqasid) underlying them, and the complex interplay of reason, revelation, ethics and utility within this coherent system. We examine the Islamic understandings of good/evil and benefit/harm, and discuss five overarching objectives of all Islamic regulations - the protection of religion, life, progeny, mind and property. We touch on the principles of ethical dilemmas, such as choosing between lesser and greater harms, and balancing individual rights with public interest. We also look at the theory and practice of maqasid today, including their applicability to contemporary global ethical challenges. (Prerequisite: ET-640)

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAC- Islamic Chaplaincy

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