Interreligious Dialogue: Theory and Practice (540)

Course Details:

Guided by your professor—and informed by reading, viewing, or listening to a range of materials and engaging in various activities made available through a Canvas website—you will be encouraged to develop collegial relationships—indeed, a sense of community and friendship across religious, cultural, social, and gender lines—as you explore in depth the principles, models, and methods of dialogue in a pluralistic world, then are helped to put these into practice in a context of diversity. Uniquely, as it introduces dialogue theory and practice, it also familiarizes you with many members of the Hartford Seminary faculty; it also enables you to gain (or review) basic understanding of the tenets and practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—because such knowledge is foundational for a majority of the courses in the Hartford Seminary curriculum. (Rest assured that the course will not ignore other religions; however, it will engage them with less depth.)

This course is limited to students enrolled in the MARS, MATLS, GCID, or International Peacemaking Program. It suffices for the DI-530 curricular requirement. Students who have taken DI-530 previously may take this course for credit as well.


Course Downloads:

If you are not enrolled in a degree program but wish to register for this course, use the Online Registration for Special Students and Auditors.

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