Introduction to Interreligious Studies (DI-550)

Course Details:

The gateway course to the MA in Interreligious Studies and a required course for the MA in Peacebuilding curriculum, Introduction to Interreligious Studies is an intersectional, integrative course that promotes deep understanding of worldviews different from one’s own. The course integrates theory and practice in exploring how diverse individuals and groups understand “religion” and how those with differing understandings relate to one another. The course cultivates the dynamic link between theory and practice as it engages in critical investigation of relations between people (whether individuals or groups) who orient around “religion” differently. As an introduction to Interreligious Studies, this course explores such themes as the meaning of “religion,” the discourse of “othering” and theologies of religious difference, comparative theology, interreligious hermeneutics, urban social history methodologies, interreligious dialogue, faith-based collaboration, and more.

[Course is closed to auditors]

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS – Core course
MAP – Core course


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