Jesus in Christianity and Islam (TH-616)

Course Details:

Islam and Christianity understand Jesus as an essential figure in connection to God's revelation to humanity, although each religious tradition has its particular view that makes them unique. This course will investigate how canonical scriptures (the Qurʾān, Hadith, and Bible), tradition, spirituality, and contemporary theology depict Jesus and his role in both religious traditions. In the history of Muslim-Christian relations, Jesus has become a contentious point between Muslims and Christians, including through polemical and apologetical forms of interaction. While we address this reality and examine it critically, the course will utilize the comparative theology method in order to generate constructive reflection that can enrich personal and communal understanding in today's pluralistic society.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS - Islamic Studies: Religious Pluralism
MAIRS – Ministerial Studies:Beliefs and Practices

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