Leading with Spirit: Transforming Leadership for Social Change (WS-619)

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We live in challenging times. Changes in our country’s economic, moral and cultural landscape have impacted individuals and communities in ways that have sapped physical and economic resources, demoralized spirits, and fractured the social bonds that order civic life based on the common good, community needs, and a commitment to life-giving values.

It is clear that the traditional model of technical (“fix-it”) leadership is no longer adequate in addressing these challenges.  Today’s leaders are called to reconceptualize their work: to create new ways of learning, leading and working that empower those they serve to become leaders themselves.

This kind of leadership requires a courage, conviction and compassion that arise from a place deep within a person’s spirit.  This course offers those in leadership positions the opportunity to cultivate their inner lives:  to take time apart for spiritual deepening, for building transformational leadership skills and considering practical application of what leadership arising from a core of spiritual groundedness might look like.

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