Spiritual Care & LGBTQ Experience (CCS-540)

Course Details:

This course will explore how the praxis of pastoral care is best shaped to respond to the particularities of LGBTQ lived experience, as well as how LGBTQ experience might inform pastoral theology and pastoral praxis more broadly – that is, how critical reflection on LGBTQ lives might queer pastoral care. Students will gain knowledge of the major pastoral issues emerging from the lives of LGBTQ people, encounter relevant social scientific and philosophical theories of sexual/affectional orientation and gender identity, and will develop pastoral theological perspectives conversant with the lived human experience of LGBTQ people.
Course meets via Zoom 9/7, 9/28, 10/26, 11/16 & 12/7, with remainder of work complete

[Course is closed to auditors]

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAC – Chaplaincy Elective
MAC – Islamic Chaplaincy Elective

Special Note: This course is offered via an agreement with the Center for Chaplaincy Studies, and enrollment is limited to MA in Chaplaincy Students. Please visit https://www.hartfordinternational.edu/global-community-partnerships/center-chaplaincy-studies for additional information and registration instructions.

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