Spiritual Foundations for Social Change (WS-613)

Course Details:

Justice and compassion are cornerstones of the spiritual life and the foundations of social transformation.   As spiritual values, these are understood in the context of covenants of mutuality, inclusion and egalitarianism that foster right ordering of relationships.  As transformative practices, they encompass a dialectical relationship between individuals and society, within which is an awareness of ways in which the dominant culture could be reordered to reflect life-enhancing values and just social systems.

In this course, we will explore how these values and virtues cooperate in an engaged spirituality – i.e. grounded in the Holy One and attentive to the needs of a suffering world –by contemplating how they are embodied and operative in our own spiritual lives, and  analyzing a situation of oppression and injustice with a critical and compassionate eye, and proposing solutions which are transformative, life-giving and just.

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