There’s Something About Mary (SC-518)

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Yes, there certainly is something about Mary! But which one? The Virgin Mary? Mary Magdalene? Mary of Bethany? Who are they? How are they presented in New Testament texts and other early Christian writings? What was their relationship with Jesus? How are these Marys depicted in art, music, film, and other forms of contemporary culture? What is her legacy? That is, how have these Marys been interpreted, and what are the implications thereof? How do these women influence issues concerning the construction of gender and sexuality, surrogacy, rape culture, martyrdom, motherhood, women’s roles in both secular and sacred spaces, unjust social systems, etc.? But it’s never just Mary, is it? What is that something about you that you bring to the discussion? Do you have any biases or assumptions? Would one of these Marys give you the side-eye for judging them when you…? We will engage these questions and more employing critical methodologies such as historical, literary, rhetorical, and postcolonial criticisms, and gender studies including, feminist theory, womanist biblical hermeneutics, and masculinity studies. There is something extraordinary about Mary. And we will love her!

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