University Chaplaincy (CH-524)

Course Details:

This course is an introduction to university/higher education chaplaincy as well as an opportunity to deep one’s understanding of the work and the field, with attention to effective methods, best practices, traditions and innovations in higher education chaplaincy.  Since the work is organically interfaith in nature, much of the work may be applicable to other chaplaincies as well.  The outcome of this course will be to equip students with the necessary tools to excel when entering into positions of chaplaincy in higher education settings.  Students will learn how to understand and navigate university structures and politics, campus and community organizations, student intersectional identity development and working with student organizations, diversity and antiracism work, interfaith relations, basic pastoral counseling, community and personal grief, crisis management, and boundaries and self-care necessary to the work.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAC - Chaplaincy Elective
MAC - Islamic Chaplaincy Elective

Course Downloads:

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