Religious Diversity Training for Workplace

We can help you understand and navigate the many practical considerations that arise in diverse workplaces—issues often overlooked by traditional diversity programs, such as holiday observances, work schedules, dress and grooming codes, dietary matters, and dictates of conscience. 

We can also help you develop an interfaith Employee Resource Group (ERG) or work with existing groups on programming.

Sample Training:

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: Discerning Our Deepest Values; Deciphering Difference

An exploration of what culture is and how it affects our choices and interactions. Through formal presentation, case studies, and experiential frameworks, you will learn about the basis of cultural differences, the phenomenon of culture clash, and tools for evaluating and responding to cultural differences. 

Religious Diversity in the Workplace

What is religion? How is it distinct from culture? Why is religion important to the workplace? What are the challenge areas and hot spots specific to religion in the workplace? This workshop helps you understand: fundamental aspects of religious diversity; the difference between religious diversity and cultural diversity; mental models about religion and different religions; and common conflict areas in a multi-religion environment.  This workshop also introduces language for opening dialogue around religious difference.

Know Thyself Through Knowing Others: The World’s Great Religions at Work [series]

Focus on a specific religion with relevance for your work context and priorities. Enjoy a brief but useful introduction to its history, core tenets and practices (such as calendars, holidays, dietary requirements, modesty, etc.). Sessions are often interactive as the facilitator debunks misinformation and stereotypes, generates conversation about workplace religious diversity scenarios, and provides guidance in practical application of this learning. This workshop may be repeated numerous times, each with a focus on another religion.

Managing in Times of Crisis: Responding to Trauma and Grief

This workshop prepares workplace leaders to respond supportively to situations of personal and communal trauma and grief in a religiously diverse context by equipping them with cultural competencies and a sufficient understanding of the religious and spiritual practices to which diverse team members may turn in difficult times.

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