Maintaining Legal Status

Tuition and Related Expenses:

  • Tuition must be paid in full or payment arrangements made for each semester (fall and spring).
  • You are required to keep current on all Hartford International bills in order to register each semester. A “hold” on your student account in Populi must be removed prior to registering. Failure to register will place you out-of-status.

Full-time Course Requirement/Course Registration:

  • You must be registered for 3 courses each semester (fall and spring) to maintain full-time status. Full-time status at Hartford International University is 9 credits.
  • You can only register for 1 online course per semester.
  • If you register for more than 1 online course per semester, you are required to register for 2 face-to-face courses to maintain the full-time status requirement.
  • If you drop a course, you must register for another course to maintain the full-time status requirement.
  • If there are circumstances that prevent you from taking 9 credits, please see Akeem Burgess as soon as possible (preferably before the beginning of the semester). There are specific exceptions that have to be noted on your Form I-20 to reflect a reduced part-time course load.
  • You are free to register for as many or as few courses as you wish during official school breaks (January Intersession and summer session).
    • January Intersession: If you take 1 or more courses during the January
      Intersession, the course(s) will not count towards your full-time status requirement for the spring semester. In other words, you are still required to register for 3 courses in the spring semester even if you take courses during the January Intersession. This keeps the University in compliance with registration policies in SEVIS. 

  • You are required to attend class on a regular basis. If an emergency arises and you need to stop attending class, please let your professor know, and see Akeem Burgess immediately in order to continue maintaining your F-1 visa status.

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