Master of Arts in Chaplaincy

=Master of Arts in Chaplaincy

Our MA in Chaplaincy is a professional degree program where education is structured around the integration of theory and practice. We train the next generation of religious leaders, who view chaplaincy as the professional practice of spiritual care for all people.

You will develop the concrete skills and deep understanding necessary for working in a multifaith environment, as outlined in “Common Qualifications and Competencies for Professional Chaplains” and the “Standards of Practice for Professional Chaplains” of the Association of Professional Chaplains. Our graduates are confident in their ability to care for and empathize with people of all backgrounds in many settings – from hospitals and prisons to universities, the military, and in various religious communities.

Program Structure

The MA in Chaplaincy is a 36-credit professional degree program. It can be completed online in two years by a full-time student, apart from the Field Education and Clinical Pastoral Education requirements (which may be completed at students' local sites), and a required 3-day on-campus retreat. The first of these retreats is scheduled for Summer 2024. Students may attend the retreat during the first or second year of their program. For students who enrolled in the program prior to Fall 2023, this retreat is encouraged but not required.

Where Your Journey May Lead

MA in Chaplaincy Career Paths

Hospital Chaplaincy

State and Federal Prison Chaplaincy

University Chaplaincy

Military Chaplaincy

Community Chaplaincy

Courses you may take

Here is a small sample of courses students in the program take. To view the entire course listing, use the link below.

The Value of Experience

Aida Mansoor


Our faculty bring years of academic and practical experience teaching and serving communities of different faiths as practicing chaplains and religious leaders. They are award-winning authors, scholars of religion, and passionate leaders of faith, with teaching and research experience that makes them experts in their fields. They have spoken to their research on international stages, emphasizing sociological contexts, gender, and religion in the modern world.

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With a foundation in interreligious education and professional spiritual care, our alumni are serving as chaplains across the globe – from top academic institutions to leading religious organizations. They hold religious leadership roles where they serve people in diverse communities and are focused on faith as a means to inclusivity and wellbeing while erasing religious dogmatism.

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Program Faculty

Bilal Ansari

Bilal W. Ansari

Faculty Associate in Muslim Pastoral Theology, Co-Director of MA in Chaplaincy, Director of Islamic Chaplaincy program

Imam Dr. Bilal W. Ansari, a 2011 graduate of Hartford International University, is Co-Director of the MA in Chaplaincy program and Director of the Islamic Chaplaincy program, as well as Faculty Associate in Muslim Pastoral Theology. 

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Rev. Dr. Janet F. Fuller

Janet E. Fuller

Co-Director of MA in Chaplaincy; Faculty Associate

Jan Fuller spent her early life in the Middle East, living through four wars before she was 23 and returned to the US.  She considers Beirut Lebanon her home and is fluent in Arabic.  At an early age she felt called to a ministry bringing heart and mind, scholarship and faith, together as part of a whole life and found that calling in University Chaplaincy.  Her career as a University chaplain has served students, faculty, and staff over 40 years at Yale, Hollins, and Elon. At Elon, as a part of her Chaplaincy, she built a multifaith center, program, and staff for the purpose of offering the university population skills to build bridges of respect, honor, and friendship.

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Aida Mansoor

Aida Mansoor

Director of Field Education

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Opportunities & Highlights

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