Why HIU Doesn't Make Statements

At Hartford International University for Religion and Peace, a pursuit of peace, through religious and other conflicts, drives our teaching and research. As part of the values associated with our mission, we affirm the common humanity and dignity of all people. We abhor injustice, oppression and violence expressed in current events and ongoing, deeply rooted practices of dehumanization. We work for peace through education, by promoting understanding, and by putting people of many faiths and different religious traditions, from geographical locations around the globe and from many different walks of life, into community with one another and by teaching respect for our differences.

As a matter of policy, HIU does not issue statements on current events. A statement, no matter how thoughtfully worded, can give the wrong impression, be read out of context, or get lost in a sea of information and opinions. At the same time, we embrace academic freedom and the freedom of speech for all individuals who make up our community – faculty, staff, students, the president, trustees, ambassadors, and alumni. Such statements do not represent the opinion of HIU as an institution of higher education.

Through vigorous curriculum and community engagement, grounded in a deep tradition of interreligious education and collaboration, HIU contributes to healing the world person by person and group by group. We are a listening institution that nurtures relationships, scholarship, dialogue, and reconciliation on the road toward a more peaceful and just world. HIU’s statements are embodied in our work.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
May 2022

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