American Religious Realities: Sociological and Anthropological Approaches (RS-525)

Course Details:

As part of the MAIRS curriculum, this course facilitates an understanding of the scope of America’s religious diversity: the nature of its current complexity and factors contributing to its emergence; the mutually influencing interactions between religious communities (their convictions, practices, and structures); and the American contextual trends, such as immigration, political issues, and social drivers like race, ethnicity, or gender. This course is taught with faculty of different traditions or backgrounds, and builds knowledge and skills for study within a multifaith setting.

Among the central themes of the Fall 2021 course are race, gender, religious diversity and transnational religions, young adults, the nones, newer religious forms, and the politics of sound. The course will engage a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches pertinent to the study of North American religious realities.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS - Core course