CPE Facilitation (CH-635)

Course Details:

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is professional education for interfaith spiritual care giving and religious leadership. It brings participants of all faiths into supervised clinical service, formational opportunities and significant introspection. CPE participants engage with intensive and extensive encounters with persons in crisis. The feedback and theological reflection provided during the CPE experience enables participants to grow personally, to develop interpersonal and interprofessional relationship skills, and fine-tune their understanding of spiritual care. CPE is offered at numerous hospitals and other sites around the US, and students are responsible for finding those opportunities in consultation with the MAC program co-directors. HIU provides cohort check-in, discussion, and facilitation for MAC students who are enrolled in CPE.

This facilitation is only available to students in HIU's MA in Chaplaincy degree program (MAC) who have been accepted into a CPE program. Completion of one unit of CPE is a requirement for the MAC degree.


If you are not enrolled in a degree program but wish to register for this course, use the Online Registration for Special Students and Auditors.

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