The Daily Round and Life Cycle Events in Jewish and Muslim Law (ET-665)

Course Details:

Jewish and Islamic Law are remarkably similar in scope, content, and theological underpinnings. This course enables students to explore the similarities and differences through a side-by-side presentation of frequently-encountered issues in both systems. After a brief introduction to the sources, history, and schools of Jewish and Islamic law, the course turns to focus on the regulations concerning: Purity, Prayer, Birth and Death Rituals, Charity, Fasting,  Food, Dress, Marriage and Divorce.  The course equips students with the practical knowledge of these topics, including how the classical regulations are implemented in the modern world.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS - Interreligious Studies: Elective
MAIRS - Islamic Studies: Elective
MAIRS - Islamic Studies: Beliefs and Practices
MAIRS - Islamic Studies: Religious Pluralism
MAC - Chaplaincy Elective
MAC - Islamic Chaplaincy Elective


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