A Global History of Christianity: Defining Moments and People that Shaped a Faith (HI-523)

Course Details:

This course will explore some of the most significant moments and persons in the history of Christianity. These moments produced shared understandings that have endured for centuries, while others fractured Christianity into divergent and often opposing forms. To investigate both the unity and diversity of Christianity, we will examine the diverse cultural settings where Christians planted themselves, and how Christians interacted with other religious traditions. We will also pay particular attention to the forms of Christianity that have been used to legitimate dominance and oppression, even as other forms have been used to resist and thrive under oppression. 

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS - Interreligious Studies: Elective
MAIRS - Islamic Studies: Religious Pluralism
MAIRS - Islamic Studies: Elective
MAIRS – Ministerial Studies: Foundations of the Christian Faith


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