Quran Recitation - Tajweed (AM-550)

Course Details:

This course is designed for Muslim leaders and chaplains and anyone who is interested in learning and improving their Quranic recitation. Students will gain important knowledge on recitation of the Quran. In this course, the instructor will focus on correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and words with consistent application of tajweed rules.

Class time will be divided between teaching a tajweed lesson and group Tilawah, an exercise during which the teacher reads aloud and the students repeat after the teacher. There will be time for listening to the students’ recitations, as well.

Once each student understands and is comfortable with the application of the tajweed rules, s/he can complete recitation of the entire mushaf at a better and faster pace and more independently, in sha Allah.

This course may be accompanied by the spring semester course AM-551: Quran Recitation/Tajweed II.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS - Islamic Studies: Elective
MAC - Islamic Chaplaincy Elective

Course Downloads: