Theology and Scripture in Spiritual Care Practice (CH-520)

Course Details:

This course employs a wide range of instructional methods to enable students as spiritual caregivers (chaplains or ministers) to gain insight into how residents of America’s multireligious communities engage in deliberative reflection on matters of ultimate concern, what answers they might give to “worldview questions,” what sacred sources they use to do so, and how they utilize those sources for caregiving. Students will engage in examination of real life case studies, develop skills in self-reflection as a spiritual care giver, and receive the guidance of colleagues and the instructor as they develop their working knowledge of foundational theological principles and sacred sources within their own spiritual tradition and how those can be integrated into the professional practice of chaplaincy and ministry.

Course meets the following curricular requirements:
MAC - Core course
MAIRS - Ministerial Studies: Arts of Ministry

[Course is closed to auditors]


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