Borrowing Partners


Council of Connecticut Academic Library Directors (CCALD) Connecticut Library Consortium Reciprocal Library Borrowing



Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium 

  • Students may borrow in-person from the 8 libraries within the consortium

  • You must set up a BTI portal account and choose Sign Up to Use the Libraries

  • When you first visit any BTI library, the library staff there will register you to borrow from them and staff may borrow directly using their Hartford International ID card



Atla Reciprocal Borrowing Program

  • Students may borrow in-person from any of the participating libraries

  • When you first visit an atla library, the library will register you to borrow from them — they may contact Hartford International to verify that you are a current student in good standing

  • Lending rules will vary by institution – contact the participating library directly if you have any questions

  • Click here for a map of participating libraries

  • Click here for a spreadsheet of participating libraries

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