Interreligious Art Exhibitions

=Islamic Art

Over the last several years, the Macdonald Center has sponsored several fall interfaith art exhibitions. The goal of these programs is to showcase various is to use art as a vehicle for interreligious conversation and dialogue. 

October - November 2024 -- TBA

3 October – November 14, 2023 – Islamic Art and Inspiration

  • A collection of art by Aida Mansoor that serves as a source that inspired it and how this has become a way of self-care and reflection.

24 October 24 – November 18, 2022 -  Abraham’s Gifts Panel and art exhibition

  •  Abraham’s Gifts is a 20-frame carved leather book, by artist Harvey Paris, that illustrates the teachings of Abraham and his impact on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

October 5 – November 16, 2021 - ABRAHAM: “Out of One, Many”

  • The exhibition features the art of three celebrated Middle Eastern contemporary visual artists from the faith traditions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, Sinan Hussein, Qais al-Sindy, and Shai Azoulay, each created five paintings that interpret Abraham’s life, serving as a guide toward creating cultures of peace, harmony, justice and healing – all as descendants of a shared heritage.

A project of the CARAVAN, and Co-sponsored with The Mandell Jewish Community Center, The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, and the JP Wesbster Library, First Church

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