The Faiths as Formal Realities (TH-513)

Course Details:

Explores how faith communities move from the text to practices with the use of structured beliefs and traditions, approaches and doctrines. This course is taught in a multi-faith classroom, with faculty of different faith traditions, and it builds knowledge and skills for study within a multifaith setting.

Spring 2023: Describing and Portraying God

Through a literary reading of scriptures, this course will examine how God is revealed in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Qur’an. Students engage in the questions about naming, describing, defining, or portraying God in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions, and how those portrayals lead to communal identity and embodied activities. The goal of the course is to assist students examine their own views of God in concert with other perspectives of other students, the instructors, and multiple authors or perspectives.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS - Core Requirement
MAC - Islamic Studies Pathway Elective
MAC - Chaplaincy elective

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