Library FAQ

1. What are the Library’s Hours?

Library hours can be found here!

2. How do I find course reserves?

You can view course reserve materials from the Library Catalog page.

Click on "course reserves" in the black bar at the top of the page. You can then search by instructor or course.

Or click here to go directly to course reserves.

3. How do I get a password to log into my library account?

Please contact the Library at to request your library barcode. This barcode gives you access to your account as well as to the Library’s online resources.

4. Can I print at the library?

The library has four computers which you can use for research. The easiest way to print something is to email it to yourself and then access and print it from one of the onsite computers.

5. Can I scan materials at the library?

The library has two scanners. One is part of a photocopier and is useful for scanning sheaves of pages. A second is a book-edge scanner most useful for scanning book chapters, photos, or other delicate materials. Both scanners can send to email or save to a USB key. If it is your first time using the scanner, please ask a librarian for assistance.

6. If I can’t find a book on the shelf, what should I do?

Alert staff at the service desk (860-509-9506) and give them as much information as possible. A trace will be put on the book and you will be notified when it is located.

7. I can’t find the ebook I am looking for! What should I do?

Check the DTL’s Help Page.

If you still can’t find the material, contact the library at or call us at 860-509-9506.

8. What do I do if the Library doesn’t have a book or article that I need?

You have a number of options. HIU has partners in CT, Boston, and across the country who may be able to give you access.

Alternatively, you may request the material via interlibrary loan (ILL): You may also request an item via ILL directly from the item’s record in the catalog if you expand your search to Libraries Worldwide.

Finally, if you believe that the item is something that the library ought to own and that would be beneficial to the entire HIU community, please contact the Library ( and suggest the purchase of the item. You will be notified regarding a decision and, if applicable, when the item is ready to be checked out.

9. Can alumni, community members, and non-students access the Library resources?

Alumni, community members, and non-students are welcome to visit and use our spaces/materials any time we are open. Borrowing privileges are available for $25/yr to Connecticut residents. Please see a librarian about creating an account. Guest members may check out up to 10 items at a time for a borrowing period of 1 month, plus 1 renewal.

10. Do you have used books for sale?

The Library has an ongoing sale of donated books near the periodical shelves in the Reference Room. Please make an appropriate donation for books at the service desk.

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