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Spiritual Life at Hartford International

As our community comes together to explore our differences, we unite over our shared love of God. At Hartford International our presumption is that we praise the Divine Creator whom we know and understand differently and follow according to diverse paths. We offer a very unique environment where Muslims, Jews, and Christians, as well as other spiritually-minded individuals, can come together in a community celebration of the Divine and can also join with others of their own faith to deepen their religious path.

We have a number of prayer opportunities on campus: Convocation in the fall, as well as weekly Community Prayer every Wednesday during the semester at noon, Jummah, and individual prayer time throughout the academic year.

Jummah, which is always held on a Friday, typically takes place in the Budd Building at 60 Lorraine Street. Hartford International students also attend prayers off campus.

Prayer times for Muslims can be found at

  • Interfaith Dialogue/Chat – Holy Grounds Interfaith Chat on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. Following Community Prayer, the HIU community gathers to discuss the message of the Community Prayer and interact with folks from different backgrounds and faiths. We hope you can join!
  • We also offer many free programs to HIU students through the Spiritual Life Center 

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