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Cooperative M.Div. students take full advantage of Hartford’s one-of-a-kind setting where students from all over the world study, pray, and prepare for public ministry together.

While engaging in studies in traditional areas of Christian ministry, Cooperative Master of Divinity Students will learn together with colleagues from other religious traditions, developing knowledge and building skills for ministry in a multifaith world, before moving on to complete degrees at Yale Divinity SchoolBoston University School of TheologyDrew Theological SchoolChicago Theological Seminary’s online program, or Meadville Lombard Theological School.

Hartford International’s agreements allow Cooperative M.Div. students to begin their studies at Hartford International and, if accepted, to proceed to any of the partner institutions to complete their Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree.

Students in the Cooperative M.Div pathway will apply for and enroll in the Ministerial Studies track of our MA in Interreligious Studies to take advantage of Hartford International’s interreligious context and transfer in a maximum of 36-credits toward an M.Div. degree. Students will not complete their degree at Hartford International, but will be awarded a “Certificate of Ministerial Studies” when they transfer. They will then complete their M.Div. degree at one of the partner institutions.

Students will receive supportive, personalized attention in their degree program as they discern their pathway to ministry and seek to meet the separate requirements of their own denomination or religious community for ordination, licensure, or formalized public ministry.


The Value of Experience

Cooperative Master of Divinity - David Grafton


Many students need time to discern whether or not they are called to ministry. You will be assigned to a caring faculty advisor who will guide you through this process. You will also have access to “discernment circles” and spiritual direction through our partners at the Spiritual Life Center.


Our faculty are dedicated scholars from different faith traditions who will provide a rigorous theological education as a foundation for your ministry. Some courses are team-taught to provide even more access to an interreligious experience.



After graduation, you’ll connect with colleagues from around the world as you prepare for your next steps on the journey toward ministry. Many graduates tell us how valuable it is to have a network of leaders from different faiths and from around the world.

Opportunities and Highlights

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