Archival Materials – Last Name beginning with XYZ

Xenides, J.P. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Yaeger, H. Leon SEE: Chakerian, Charles Garabed  
Yale, Cyrus    
Yang, (Dr.) Martin M.C. SEE: Carter, Willard Thomas  
Yarborough, Clyde    
Yarbrough, R. Clyde    
Yarrow, E.A.    
Yeager, Harold C.    
Yee, James SEE: Carter, Willard Thomas  
Yee, (Rev.) James Brewster    
Yeomans, Clinton B. SEE: Benson, Russell F.  
Yeomans, Edith SEE: Chakerian, Charles Garabed  
Yeranian, Araxie    
Yeranian, Olympia    
Yeranian, Ruhama SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Yocum, C.M.

SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott

SEE: Capen, Edward Warren

Yocum, Cyrus M. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Yokoi, J.S.    
Yoshiyasu Kumazawa SEE: Whittemore, Norman C.  
Young, Alfred SEE: Archer, John Clark  
Young, Andrew J.    
Young, Effie G. SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott  
Young, Herrick B. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Young, Ronald J. SEE: Benson, Russell F.  
Young, Ruth SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Yount, (Rev.) Paul SEE: Wysner, Gloria M.  
Zankman, Jeannette SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Zeigler, Leslie SEE: Benson, Russell F.  
Zeisness, Ed SEE: Benson, Russell F.  
Zeller, William W.    
Zenos, Andrew Costantinides    
Zercher, Henry Jackson (1850-?) See Box 399 1879 grad. of Theo. Inst. of Ct
Zezzo, Joseph SEE: Alden, Frederick Winthrop  
Ziegler, Edward K.    
Ziegler, Leslie SEE: Benson, Russell F.  
Ziegler, S.G. SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Ziemba, Marion Boron    
Zimmer, (no first name) SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott  
Zimmerman, Alfred    
Zimmerman, Floyd SEE: Wolcott, Robert J.  
Zook, Harold I.    
Zughaib, Elias Kamal SEE: Cragg, Albert Kenneth  
Zwemer, (no first name) SEE: Capen, Edward Warren  
Zwemer, Samuel Marinus

SEE: Barstow, Robbins Wolcott

SEE: Capen, Edward Warren



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