Areas of Expertise

Core Faculty

Lisa Dahill 
Miriam Therese Winter Chair for Transformative Leadership and Spirituality,
Director of the Center for Transformative Spirituality
Areas of Study

Ecological Spiritualities
Place, Embodiment, and Interspecies Relationships
Christian Spirituality
Theology and Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Ritual and Liturgy
Spirituality and the Arts

David D. Grafton (860) 509-9538
Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations
Areas of Study
Christian-Muslim relationships
History of Christianity in the Middle East
American Christian perspectives on religion and society in the Middle East
19th and 20th Protestant missionary thought on Islam

Deena Grant
Acting Academic Dean, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies
Areas of Study
Hebrew Bible
Israelite Religion
Jewish Interpretive Traditions

Hossein Kamaly
Professor of Islamic Studies and Interreligious Studies
Areas of Study
Quranic Studies
Shi’a Studies
Islamic Studies
Interfaith Interpretive Traditions
Philosophy of Religion
Deontic Logic
Intellectual History

Amy-Jill Levine
Rabbi Stanley M. Kessler Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies
Areas of Study
New Testament
Christian-Jewish Relations
Religion, Gender, and Sexuality

Joel N. Lohr, President
Professor of Bible and Interreligious Dialogue
Areas of Study
Jewish-Christian Dialogue and Sacred Texts
Jewish-Christian Relations
Interreligious Dialogue, Relations, and Conflict Management
Intercultural Competence, Diversity, and Leadership in Higher Education

Mona Siddiqui
Distinguished Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies
Areas of Study
Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh) and Ethics
Christian-Muslim Relations

Scott Thumma (860) 509-9537
Professor of Sociology of Religion
Director, D.Min. Program
Director, Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Areas of Study
Megachurch characteristics and dynamics
The increase in nondenominational churches
The impact of the Internet on congregational dynamics
Congregational studies of healthy growth and member engagement
Congregational/Denominational trends of Religion in America

Timur Yuskaev (860) 509-9554
Associate Professor of Contemporary Islam 
Editor of The Muslim World journal 
Areas of Study 
Contemporary Islam 
American Muslim Communities 
Qur’anic Studies 
Memory Studies 
Sound Studies 
Interreligious Studies 

Faculty Associates

Bilal W. Ansari
Faculty Associate in Muslim Pastoral Theology
Co-Director, Islamic Chaplaincy Program
Areas of Study
Arts of Ministry
Contemporary Islamic Ethics
Institutional Leadership
Islamic Law
Muslim Pastoral Theology

Suheil Laher
Faculty Associate in Qur’anic Studies
Areas of Study
Islamic intellectual history
Qur’anic and Hadith studies
Arabic language, literature, and rhetoric

Adair Lummis (860) 509-9547
Faculty Associate in Research
Areas of Study
Clergy concerns
Gender, spirituality and leadership in faith communities
Denominational policies

Phoebe Milliken
Faculty Associate in International Peacebuilding
Areas of Study
Conflict Transformation
Experiential Education
Intercultural Communication

Lucinda Mosher (646) 335 2951
Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies
Areas of Study
America’s Religious Diversity
Theology: Christian and Comparative
Christian-Muslim Relations
Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations

Allison Norton
Faculty Associate in Migration Studies and Congregational Life
Areas of Study

Religious Identities
The New Second Generation
African Pentecostalism

Michael Piazza
Faculty Associate in Congregational Renewal
Areas of Study
Congregational Renewal
Preaching and Worship
Stewardship and Development
Leadership Development
Turn around congregations
Social Justice and Activism
LGBTQ Studies

 Donna Schaper
Faculty Associate in Religious Leadership
Areas of Study
Leadership Development
Turn around congregations
Start-up Congregations
New Church Starts
Fund and Energy Raising
Pastoral Theology
Public Ministry
Parish Ministry Administration

Benjamin Watts (860) 509-9514
Faculty Associate in Religion and Community Life
Director of the Black Ministries Program
Areas of Study
Arts of Ministry

Miriam Therese Winter (860) 509-9558
Emerita Professor in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality
Director, Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality
Director of the Women’s Leadership Institute
Areas of Study
Feminist Studies

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